The Year My Reading Famine Came To An End

When 2015 began, I was still in the thick of parenting small children. How things changed so quickly, I am not sure. All I know is that in March-ish I declined to join a reading club because I had no attention span for reading, even though I'm normally a bookworm. What was up with that?

Sleep deprivation.


Mental reserves exhausted after a long day with kids.

Things gradually changed over the next few months. It started with my need to DO something while riding the exercise bike. I pulled out my Kindle and started to catch up on all those $1.99 deals I'd snagged but never gotten around to. After that, my hunger grew, and it escalated into a need to make requests from the library.

Then in August, we put our kids in the public elementary school. (They LOVE it!) My youngest only goes for 3 hours, but one can accomplish more than a little reading during that time. Add to that the weekends where my body was so exhausted from the new routine I had no energy to go out while adjusting.

Finally, I got sick in October for longer than anyone should have to be sick. My one consolation was the stack of library books at my disposal. This sealed the habit for me, and I'm settling back into my comfortably bookwormish self after a long, long famine where little people and my health took precedence.

Now those little people are growing up and becoming readers on their own. Things are looking way, way up!

In my next post, I'll tell you what my favorite reads were in 2015. And perhaps share what I'm hoping to cover this year. What was your most influential book of 2015? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy reading!


Jamie Bagley