A Long Break

Dear friends,

I have taken such a long break from blogging!

First, it was of necessity because I was sick for two weeks and recovery took another month. I needed a lot of rest! Then, it was of necessity because I needed some time to review the year in all its fullness and look ahead to 2016. Followed by that, the intuitive need to zoom in and practice self-care. This is an essential boundary I've learned about myself: No blogging venture is more important than my health. My health is in a good place now. Which brings me finally to the reason I have not been blogging for the past week: procrastination!

Since I'm down to excuses only and not actual reasons, it's time to return. I've thought it through, and I know that blogging has shifted and changed throughout it's course. I know some people say it is over. If I looked at my life that way- something that shifts and changes frequently- then I'd be in a bad way to think they were indicators that it was over. Thank goodness I am not over, not nearly, and neither is my story. Since I have a story- lots of stories, really- and I love to connect with others through story, I should probably, you know, just possibly, continue on here. You can't see it, but there is a mischievous grin on my face as I say this. Because really, I'm delighted that I have come to this conclusion. It feels free and enriching.

I'm still on the same path I was following in October. The path toward discovering happiness and growing through it. I am resolved to go brightly, and find the gold in everything. I even made it a tagline, because I'm crazy like that. It's a sign of not only my intention but also my commitment. It also feels like a risk, since life has a way of blindsiding me. I'm learning to strategize about that, and hopefully I'll have more to share as time marches on.

Next up, I think it's high time I share my chosen word for the year. It's always fun to give an in-depth explanation as to how I arrived at it. We'll save that for another post, though.

It's lovely to be back. Jump into the comments and say "hi!" And tell me, what one word represents the kind of year you want to have in 2016? What are you chasing with all of your heart?



Jamie Bagley