Bring What You Have Day 2: A Book Recommendation!


I have been doing more reading since the kids have been back in school. At first, I found the quiet time to be eerie, and not because I don't love quiet. It was just so different. I kept the TV buzzing in the background for a while, and I've built several new Spotify playlists.

It turns out I still love reading, but I don't have quite the same appetite or dedication I used to. Still, finishing a book is a big victory, especially because I usually start several at once and rotate between them.

Among the best I have read lately is a new book called The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. (Many thanks to IVPress for sending a copy home with my husband after one of their meetings!) For a change, I pretty much focused on devouring this book to the exclusion of my other reads. Why? It was THAT GOOD.

(It IS that good. If you go with Amazon you will see they already need to restock. But take heart, they are promising to have it by Friday, the 7th. Order yours ASAP because you are going to want this one for reference!)

The Road Back To You explains the Enneagram personality typing system in plain language from a Christian perspective. The language is not platitudinous, triggering or shaming, even for those who walk an alternative spiritual path. (It has been quite shockingly hard for me to read Christian literature lately without getting triggered or shamed by the authors' approaches, assumptions, and choice of terms, but this book surprised me in a good way for its awareness in that regard.) The authors very compassionately create space and define words and concepts with the goal and purpose of building you up and helping you on your journey.

As an enthusiast, the Enneagram Type 7, I have had about a month to sit with this and think on it before delivering my review. This is in your favor as you can now know I'm not just in the euphoria of the moment, which is a struggle for my type. So... Ahem! A pondered, well-reasoned opinion: I would have to say it's the best primer on the Enneagram I have found, for ease of reading, well thought out definitions and explorations, helpful stories to illustrate concepts, and a very hospitable tone from the authors. I highly recommend it, whether you are just starting to wonder what all the Enneagram hubbub is about or whether you have read many books on it already. The only thing that disappointed me is that I thought it ended too abruptly and I wanted it to be much longer. (Totally out of character for me: I'm usually relieved to close the back cover and claim the hard won victory tally of another book finished.)

While you are deciding whether or not to read this book, or if you are waiting for it to be restocked, there is a brilliant podcast by the authors interviewing people of all nine types to give you further insight. You'll hear perspectives from people like Shauna Niequist, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Michael Gungor to name a few. I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts even though I'm not usually big on sitting still and listening through messages. These are definitely worth their weight in wisdom. Go check them out!

This is my offering for day 2(ish) of this Write 31 Days challenge. Happy reading!!!



Jamie Bagley