Creative Presence


When I speak about creative presence,
I am not speaking about a static thing.
To be present does not mean to be frozen in time,
or trapped in a particular moment.
Presence is everything to do with freedom and movement.
It’s about honing the skill of attentiveness.
Think of the last time your attention was fully engaged.
You were the opposite of a person staring off into space,
eyes glazed over, mind numbed and fogged.
Your face was free to respond
and flow into any expression.
Your eyes followed the subject of your awareness intently.
You smiled, laughed, or sympathized easily.
You could feel doors opening in your mind and heart.
A pathway slowly distinguished itself
against the sprawling landscape of ideas.
Your worries about future details were momentarily forgotten.
Your heartbeat told you how alive you were!
What is your heartbeat telling you now?

Jamie Bagley