Book of Hours Goes To Amazon

I have a thrilling announcement to make!

Two years ago, I self-published a work of poetry reflecting on the Liturgy of the Hours as a PDF. I'd always intended to make my book more widely available, and I've been working behind the scenes to bring that vision to reality. What an unexpected journey it has been.

Now, at last, the day has arrived!

Book of Hours: In Shadow and Sun has been published on Amazon Kindle as a 2nd Edition. Inside the second edition, you will find a whole new chapter, and many never-before-published poems. In addition, the intention of each hour has been added so you can use the book as a guide for your own prayer times.

And now for the really fun part:

From June 1st - June 3rd, it is absolutely free to snag your own copy!

I've been talking about creative presence a lot lately, and here is a book that can help. Pausing with intention to engage in prayer or mindfulness is a great way to nourish your soul in the midst of a hectic day. Observing the hours allows us to step outside the noise and embrace the beauty of the present moment. It's a life-giving practice, and it is my joy to share it with you.

I am beyond excited to see my original book dream realized after hours of writing, prayer, many tears, lots of consulting with fellow writers including many of you... Oh, the list goes on and on. This is a huge cause for celebration. Shall we dance?

Access to a self-publishing resource like this is a marvelous gift of technology and I am grateful for it. That said, it requires a lot of mental, emotional, and physical energy, (and ASKING FOR HELP, like whoa!) to bring this vision to life. Many thanks to all who contributed, and a standing ovation for my devoted husband, please!

I am a little sad that it's all done. It has been truly fulfilling work. It's part of my chosen vocation to practice creative presence in a wild existence. I will continue to explore ways to do this, and share what I find along this path.

Will you do something for me?

Will you pray over this book, that it will bring freedom, comfort, soul-movement, and gifts of creative presence to many?

Will you read this book and give this practice a try? (And do come and tell me about your experience!)

Will you help spread the word by sharing this post?

Thank you so much. All the love, and be sure to get your copy right away.

Peace and joy,


Jamie Bagley