Monday Moments

Last time I talked about how waiting can be a gift because it helps me pay attention to present joys. Did I mention how hard it is? Of course I did. It's a reality and some days heavier than others. Today, for no good explanation, it was one of those heavy days where hope plays hide-and-seek. Still, I was able to spot it in moments throughout the day.

So why not count them? I want to hear yours, too, when I'm done.

This morning I was limping around a bit, as pain has a way of slowing one, but the slowness made me bored enough to look out the window and oh! What was that? I had to look twice to believe it: there was a bluebird perched on the hammock in the backyard of the house we are staying in. They're supposed to portent happiness or at least symbolize it. I had two choices- get the camera or call the kids over and painstakingly point it out until they spotted it. I chose the kids. They were delighted, which also brings me joy, and the internet had a better picture than I could take anyway. :)

Later, my youngest came upstairs and volunteered to help me fold the laundry, which he has never done before. It was some fun quality time and he did a really great job for a beginner. I thought he'd get impatient and run off to play but he stayed as long as it took to get it all folded and put away. My heart!

This afternoon, I went upstairs again to write a blog post. It didn't happen. I propped some pillows behind my back and closed my eyes for "just one minute." An hour later... I woke to the sound of noisy kids downstairs. Easy, unexpected naps are the best naps.

This evening, my husband and I worked together to make a spaghetti dinner for the household, and there's just something extra pleasant about preparing food together. We sat at our own table while the kids ate in the dining room- a little eat-in "date" carved out of a busy day. 

That's a lot to be grateful for wrapped in one day. The not-employed-yet and all the scary unknowns that goes with it are not going to eat me. We will be okay. We will find hope in the moments and in the prayers of our friends. I'll keep you updated on our continued adjustment to this starting-over phase of our lives.

So, tell me... I didn't forget! What did your sacred moments of grace look like today? 



Jamie Bagley