All The Things We Collect

On Wednesday I do a midweek prompt. It can be used for blogging, writing poetry, discussing over tea, or you know, something to chew on while washing those pesky, dirty dishes.

Are you a collector of things? Seashells? Stones? Words? Friends?

I'd venture to say most of us are collectors of something. Name your treasures. (There's a prompt in itself.)

June has been a lovely month, and much busier than any June I have been accustomed to. I have somehow kept pace, just barely though, and of course had to learn to say no from time to time. Sometimes even I forget I have Fibromyalgia while excitedly making plans to do all the things!

How do I remember all this when it went by in such a flash? Or here's a better question: how do I treasure it? (Because remembering isn't everything. Here I am, still having to practice hard to stay in the Beautiful Now.)

In my ecourse, we had an activity where we practiced making a list poem. You can review here if you like, or just venture forth boldly from this moment for the sheer joy of discovery. Why do I say this? Because today's prompt it to write a list poem! More specifically, don't you think it would be lovely to write a list poem of all the things you have collected over the course of THIS MONTH? I'll share some examples from a google search (-feel free to do your own!-) to help get those creative wheels turning:

  • Here's a How to
  • Short, but Sweet
  • Note: If you don't wish to write a poem this week, feel free to make a list in your blog post or a mental list of things you've collected for the fun of it.
  • You can always use the image at the top of the post as your prompt. If it takes you in another direction? Cool!

Here's mine:

Gift Collection (In one-word blessing prayers.)

  1. Hope
  2. Lovely
  3. Wonder
  4. Health
  5. Grace
  6. Peace
  7. Desires
  8. Breakthrough

Things I Could Say I’ve Collected:

Things I could say I've collected this month,
Are many and varied and true

Pebbles from an afternoon walk
Bark from a fallen tree
Weeds from the garden
Blueberries! Freckles, too

Wet towels, Dirty dishes
Recipes and Receipts
Empty jars and bottles
My scattered thoughts weren't few

Dreams and wishes
Cares and worries
Memories with family
The ceaseless prayers of friends like you

Things I could say I've collected this month
Have changed me, and helped me renew.

Well, I've got to run today. I'm waaay behind on my plans but right where I need to be in emotional health- thanks to an excursion outside to play in the dirt instead of finishing my morning to-do list. Work first, play later, wasn't jiving with me today. Sometimes you just have to break the rules of convention. I would LOOOVE for you to share your list poem here in the comments or a link to your blog. Good luck!



Jamie Bagley