In The Spirit of Rambling

Whoa. Is it time for a mid-week prompt again already? The time just flew by. It feels like summer is in the fast lane. Let's pull over to that roadside peach stand, grab a snack, and sit for a quick minute. Use the prompt in whatever way you like. You are freeeeee!

I keep trying to find new and creative ways to slow down, and I’m starting to think that some seasons I just have to go with the flow, even if it feels like whitewater rafting on the Colorado River (which I’ve read is pretty intense on authority of the Nancy Drew case files. I have no personal experience. Haha!)

So I get a lot of my wanderlust notions from books. Does this make me a Hobbit? My husband and I would take that as a compliment. We do love our adventures, truly, and we also love that cozy homecoming with tankards of tea and songs by the fire. Our name isn’t far off from Baggins, you know.

I need a recharge. I just found out summer (when the kids are home) is going on for another month. Since school let out in May and then we moved to a new area with a new system, we're in for a looooong break. Send help in the form of books! And cupcakes.

When I'm about to lose it, I often just need to get out and take a short walk. A stroll. A meander. A ramble.

Am I tempting you yet? I'm so tired, though, I might send you on the quest without me this time. But no, because sometimes you can wander through wordplay when the body is feeling rough. That might be just the thing today, but do get outside if you're up to it. Take some pictures. Fall in love with some flowers. When the breeze caresses your face like a prayer, let it be your prayer, too.

In the spirit of rambling, which is our prompt by the way, I’m going to wend my way through some words until I feel I have found a resting place. Sound fun? Give it a try along with me.

Prompt: Rambling

Among magical, ancient trees,
Following trails of dragonfly blue
Wandering, weaving
On paths that are not paths
Until these worn feet have spoken
And onward called my will.

I am not, with company of pines
Listening to the humming of bumblebee bliss
Enchanted, unwavering
Through vines and moss-tinged stone
Until this worn mind finds a corner of peace
And catches a dream to bring home.

Tell me, did you get out for a ramble? What dreams have you caught today? (Feel free to share any time during the week. The prompt isn't trapped inside this day- it is as free as you are. xo - Jamie)

Jamie Bagley