Leap of Faith

I was not going to write about a leap of faith today, but here we are.

Please excuse the blog absence. The photo-editing aspect was giving me grief and I'm happy to report that Squarespace has resolved the issue. Life's little headaches, right?

I spent a lot of time pondering pain this week. It has been one of those weeks. The kind that makes you second-guess every good decision you've made because of different results than expected. Also the kind where you stand in line and sit in waiting areas and enter long processes that always end up with you fisting your spine for support and walking out on shaking limbs.

It's all in the name of purpose, but the amount of tasks between you and end goal feels insurmountable. Ah, yes. Exactly the kind of thing that drives you up to the mountain to pray. (That Jesus was no stranger to earthing, was he!)

I've a confession, though. My prayers are hitting the fog. I've been in child's pose way more than the zen one lately. (And can I take a little nap here while my face is in the ground?) July is winning this round, whatever the game is. 

So why and how in the world is this about a leap of faith?

Because every journey has a middle. A suspension between points A and Z. A space before the landing. And I want to talk about how it feels to be in the leap, not just to touch off from point A. It's important. It's a story detail best not left out. So I'm paying attention and asking questions about what it looks like:

What's behind me? What's beneath me? What do I see directly ahead? How is my breath, my energy, my spirit? What called me forward? Who is cheering me on? 

These are the kind of things that help me recalibrate in the confusion of not having landed yet. They are the questions that let me enjoy the rush of air, the glorious sunset, the vitality of will to move forward. And finally, I remember:

I am not doing this alone. And that makes all the difference.

Are you in the middle of a leap? You are not alone in this. What are you noticing? What are you remembering? Would you like to share? 

Happy Friday and much love!


Jamie Bagley