Lesson 3:  Where Is The Poetry?

I have some food for thought: Open your journal/file and prepare to jot some things down!

First of all, the world is full of poets! Some are fully aware and some are just being who they are and not caring about any titles.

Some begin with curiosity, and some begin with ferocious passion. For whatever reason we are drawn to it, there will be as many reasons we find to stay and explore.

What we know for sure is we live in a world rich with imagery, and it's begging us to taste its wild and succulent flavors!

I believe everyone has a poet resting inside until the moment we choose to cultivate the art. Yes, it is a choice. Even for those to whom it seems to come naturally: it is still a choice. (And often there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes in order to give the poem its most natural appearance.) The goal is to satisfy the artistic longing within: sometimes this can be fun and games, andother times it can be a mud crawl. The trick is in learning to transform our vision of the work: when it feels worthwhile, even the mud crawl is a win!

And here's the most beautiful thing about it: We all have unique perspectives and experiences, which means there is always something to learn from each other. Can we just stop and marvel at this for one golden minute? It's inspiring.


So let’s not give up simply because we feel we are not ______ enough. With some heart, some practice, some ideas, and some grit we are well on our way to creating a thing of beauty.

We don’t have to be experts.

We just have to believe in the glory of starting something good and worthwhile.