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Hi Friends,

I'm so happy you decided to stop by. Here's a little about me: I used to climb trees to write my poems. Perhaps the White Pine was the first to whisper the sweet words of invitation to me: "Write what you see." The trees have taught me that life takes vision, and that my imagination is a very good thing. So apologizing to all the good and wonderful Gilbert Blythes of this world, I'm afraid I've got to stick with the high falutin' mumbo, jumbo of Anne Shirley whimsy. It's the best way I know to do life.

I devote a great deal of my time to poetry and imagery, because it's a bare necessity. It helps me connect as a fellow human, which can be tough for, well anyone, actually. I long to touch the world in big and small ways, but sometimes get lost in a forest of details. Then it takes blankets and chocolate and tea and good conversations to recover. After that, it's back to adventuring again! I will admit though, as I approach 40 and find ways to live with Fibromyalgia, the recovery length seems to be growing. I think my woodland friends would agree that changing pace is not a limitation, but a privilege, if I can learn to accept it and perhaps even love it.

Maybe you're still searching for your rhythm, too? Possibly you've scrolled and scrolled through endless blogging tips, but it still seems like fulfillment is a dream of the future? Me, too. That's kind of why I march to the beat of my own weird drum. It lets me be real in my own unique and creative ways. It lets me process reality and plan a more sustainable future. It's how I learn to accept and love my life even when it's hard. Take heart. We can find our place. Let us believe in an abundance of space!

My current life story is one in flux. We took a leap of faith and landed among family in South Carolina. We're starting over: jobs, schools, church, doctors, etc. Anytime you want to breathe a prayer for us is most heartily welcomed! I'm excited about this next step and hope you'll tag along on this new adventure via the blog!


Jamie Wright Bagley

(May 30th, 2017)



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More Fun Facts About Me

Once upon a time I had blue hair. Loved it!

Once upon a time I had blue hair. Loved it!

1. I am only quiet until we know each other well. Then we might look fondly back upon our meeting day, throw our heads back and laugh heartily together over it.

2. I write a lot of poetry. I encourage others to do the same. Check out my Inner Poet page for some tips, secrets, and lots of encouragement!

3. My favorite teas are: Ty-Phoo, Twinings Earl Grey, Trader Joe's Mint Melange, Panera's British Breakfast, and many variations of Spiced Chai.

4. When I was pregnant with my third child, my heart was medically stopped and restarted 3 times. My spirit left my body but I found my way back. Needless to say, it shook me up and gave me a different outlook on life; enough to change me and the way I live and approach spirituality.

5. I self-identify as a Christian mystic, but I believe there is space for everyone and their religious and spiritual paths. You’ll occasionally find a dose of skepticism in my writing because I ask the questions; even when they ruin my ideologies. It is good to expand both heart and horizon.

6. I sort of love my personality quirks. They lend meaning to my experiences. Here are just a few -

Enneagram: Type 7
Fascination: Beloved
Love Languages: Time, touch, Tea, Pie
MBTI: INFJ one day, ENFP the next. It keeps me guessing, too.
Strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Intellection, Ideation, Input

7. I am a nature lover, and firmly believe it has healing powers. When life is "too much" I feel compelled to go find a waterfall. I visit parks to sit under the trees and let them tell me their secrets. The flowers share their wisdom when I get down on my knees to be near them. I swear the red-wing blackbird has an incantation to lessen pain. And the Holy Spirit Herself loves to sing through the reeds.