Behind The Scenes: What Goes With Spring?

If it's spring, it must be poetry!!!

Spring. The calendar says it's not here yet, but my soul tells me different. If there's ever an indication for the season, a fresh breeze of poetry is it!

I have recently experienced a new batch of inspiration, and have been writing poetry again. I should qualify by saying I am writing stand-alone poetry again. I have some poetry projects going, and I'll tell you about one in a minute or so, but they are progressions of story in the form of poems. Those have continued, but the ones I could dash off and send to the presses, (by which I mean this website,) had severely dried up. I waited patiently for the winter to pass, and occupied myself with other things.

Then this past week, the Spirit moved and my heart was carried right along into the world of imagery I love so well. It felt like everything was turning into inspiration. I believe I have Esther Emery and Jennifer Upton and their #ReframeRescue project to thank for giving me a new way to see life in the midst of the cold and frozen season.

Inspiration has other sources, too. I spent Sunday in my room, reading poetry, poetry, and more poetry. The Poetry Foundation is one of my favorite places for accessibility. I have them to thank, too, for the diversity of voices they feature. One could spend hours.

And finally, there is Rilke. That sentence right there could stand on its own. I'll say it again: And finally, there is Rilke. Rilke is golden. Rilke's Book of Hours is a trove of goodness and life. I have been rereading it as I lead my ecourse on prayer. And by rereading, I mean several times. I'm not sure how, but those words pierce straight to the heart in all the best ways. Each time through, I feel like I've found a missing piece of myself. (It may not be the best of guides if you're wanting to start praying the hours, but it is certainly a gracious companion.) Get thee some Rilke! I highly recommend it. What a great way to celebrate spring.

On to the business at hand. What behind-the-scenes item will I be unveiling today?

Let's start with a photo. This is a photo of a very old tree. What can a very old tree teach me?

You may have heard me remark before that "trees are my people." No? I will try to bring it up more often. I love trees, and I believe they have things to teach me. This is why I am dedicating a whole book of poetry to the wisdom of trees. My working title is Forest of Wisdom. That may very well change, but I can't let a title be the brick wall that halts this dream. So for now, let's leave it there.

This book of poetry is a journey into the forest. Your journey? Mine? Who knows? The trees have things to teach to anyone who intends to listen. I want to hear what they have to say. When I'm finished writing it all down, I'll invite you to walk with me into this woodland sanctuary and see what we can discover.

Here is an excerpt from some words of wisdom passed on to me by a very old tree. The oldest tree, by his claim, but he does have a flair for the dramatic, so it's anyone's guess. Nobody deigns to argue.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.41.24.png

I'm sorry I couldn't share more. This wise old tree felt it was selfish enough to be the first one you got to meet. I told him it was probably an honor that ran both ways. That seemed to soothe him. Most of the other trees are patient anyway. The youngest one is working on it, too. There's a certain endearing eagerness to the child, not unlike my own children.

This is going to be fun! I'll let you know when it's finished. When that happens, I may not exactly act according to the dignity of my years. Excitement can shed a couple decades off my reaction. But by then, you'll have a new book to bury yourself in while I dance like no one's watching. Sound fair?

Jamie Bagley