When The Rain Calls You

Hello! I don't know about you, but I think mid-week is a perfect time to share a writing prompt. You could use it for a blog post, a poem, or just free writing to get some thoughts out. I'd like to do this every week and I'd love if you'd join in and help me stick to it! Love, Jamie

It was a Saturday evening, near the beginning of June. The day had been beautiful, sunny, and not too warm. All of a sudden, it began raining. Hard, but not too much so. Pattering but not quite pelting. It was a glorious sound.

"Mom?" my daughter called to me while spinning in a chair. "My heart tells me to go play in the rain, but my head tells me not to."

"Just go!" I exclaimed. "Listen to your heart."

Out the door she dashed, one brother and three cousins following behind her. They squealed and shrieked and danced around laughing in delight as the showers quickly drenched them. They stayed out there a good long while. Thankfully, no thunderstorms in the forecast. I grabbed plenty of towels to catch the mud before it came too far into the house.

They came inside and got all cleaned up just in time for bed. No happier or more excited children could have been found that night. "This is the best day of my life!" my son had exclaimed dramatically when brought inside.

Before things get too Instagram-y perfect, I should mention the mountain of laundry that ensued. It was worth it. The joy was contagious; pure energy and light so palpable it was like a time travel back to a wonderful summer night in my own childhood.

When the rain calls you:

Listen. Hear the pound of drums
On the ground, Feel the splash
Of cool water as you dance
All around, Make your joy
In a mess, in the mud, in the sound.
Let go, like a child:
Free yourself, and be found.

Writing Prompt: What do you do when the rain calls you?


Jamie Bagley