When a Color Feels Like Home

Blue is my favorite. I can't get enough of it, in its exquisite beauty. Every flash of blue across my vision evokes delight. Even its synonyms are undeniably gorgeous: Azure, Sapphire, Indigo, etc. It comes by many names and many meanings. I follow it wherever it takes me. When I find it, I feel like I've found home- and a way to be at home in myself.

To give an example of my dedication, last year I dyed my hair blue. It has since faded, but it was a treasure while it lasted. I miss it and will probably do it again before too long. Last week I donned blue mascara and eyeliner. Oh, the frivolity! Just kidding. It didn't feel frivolous at all, though even if it had it would have brought joy and no guilt. It felt... fitting. Right. Me.

I think our spirits are made to soar, and it is a good and sacred thing to seek out the things that light up our eyes and lighten our step. I think we were meant to enjoy all the good gifts at our feet, at our fingertips, at the tip of our tongues. Relish tastes and sights, sounds and feelings. Focusing on joy in a holistic way that encompasses our bodies. Practicing gratitude for the simple gifts in our reach.

What color brings you joy at every sighting? What brings you to life inside and out? What simple gift are you grateful for today?

Have a lovely weekend.


Jamie Bagley