Dare To Be... Alike?

Do you believe in enough?

Do you believe the world is big enough?

Sometimes I think because someone else is doing something like me, there isn't room for both of us. They are taking my dream, because we can't both have it. But are they, really? Isn't there enough space for us to share a dream?

It's tough. To pursue being equal; not lesser or better. It's tough, because we're so sure there is an "ahead" and a "behind", and the one out in front or at the top is obviously the best. The one who goes it alone is possibly the super-best, because they did it all by themselves. DIY is big for the Western mind. Being an individual is big. It's cool to be quirky. It's special to be the right brand of different. It's quite the unspoken competition, trying to be so endearingly unique.

Hmm. I still wonder where we came up with these notions? As I mentioned the other day, I think this whole living on earth thing is supposed to be a cooperative experience. I think that's why empathy is so important. It's about more than observing or absorbing others' emotions; rather, it is compassionately considering their experience as you interact with them. Not just the ones who are NOT like you but the ones who are so much like you it's starting to feel stuffy.

There's room for them, too. I talked about this a while ago in my Spread The Love blog tour. “There is room for likeness as well as difference. Just be who you are, whether or not that is like someone else. Be true to your desires.”

I still do believe that, though sometimes I need reminding of it. I can’t base the passion of what I do on whether or not I get to be unique in what I do. The passion comes from loving what I do, not from recognition for it. If I live for recognition, I’m pretty sure I will be disappointed. Recognition is not wrong; it just can’t be the goal.

So do I believe in enough room? Space for a shared goal or a shared dream? Yes. Sharing is one of the earliest concepts we learn. It’s also one we regularly revisit. And I think practicing the ability is a sign of pursuing stability.

What do you think?

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Jamie Bagley