A Sense of Adventure {happiness}

I am learning more about happiness now that I've made it a mission.

For instance, it is great fun to try new things, even if they are a bit embarrassing as you get the hang of them.

Take Periscope, for today's example. I'm slowly figuring it out. If I'm lucky, I'll have the hang of it before it stops trending. If I'm not lucky, I'm still happy, because sometimes happiness is about trying new things for the sake of curiosity. For the sake of courage. For the sake of discovery.

Here I share a poem that is also my first successful broadcast (with a little dead space at the end, haha!)

Who told you
That being faint of heart
Disqualifies you?

Fear: It knows
Every trick you never learned
And will use each one.

Be honest
And do the scary things scared.
Show your fright.

Who cares
If they can smell your fear?
Be the surprise.

Show up
Stand up, matching fervor to fear.
Say the words anyway.
— Jamie Wright Bagley

The Great Happiness Chase is in the direction of what calls to you. What are you being pulled toward?

Jamie Bagley